A Boy Becomes a Man

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A special kind of love attracts
A father and a son.
To share the wisdom of experience
Is a task that’s never done.

From the moment we can crawl about
He teaches us to stand.
For the rest of life he’s behind us
To provide a guiding hand.

For those of us so lucky
To work together and to share,
There grows a respect and admiration
No other love can quite compare.

For side by side we struggle
To build security and wealth,
Always remembering life’s road to happiness
Must be filled with love and health.

Yet one day it must happen
That a father pass away,
And though his presence on earth is gone
His guiding hand will always stay.

Already he has taught us
Of the courage to be strong
And how to stand for what we believe
Though sometimes we’ll be wrong.

So when you face adversity,
Search for strength to make you bolder,
Reflect upon the guiding force
Whose hand rests upon your shoulder.

For on the day your father died
A new stage of life began
Because on that very same mournful day

January 12, 1980

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