A Daughter’s Bat Mitzvah Day

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Today is your Bat Mitzvah,
My precious, darling soul.
From the first day of your blessed life
You’ve been walking toward this goal.

Though I’ve tried my best to teach you
Life’s lessons that I’ve learned,
Your wisdom and compassion
Come from lessons that you’ve earned.

You possess a very special gift
That others long to share.
Your spirit reaches beyond your years,
Your heart shows how much you care.

For you are a gifted leader
People follow and listen to.
Your strength transcends your beauty,
Your love is deep and true.

But today is a new beginning,
The start of your adult Jewish life.
Remember your values and your morals
Through life’s adversity and strife.

For we are the chosen people
With responsibilities to fulfill,
Tikkun Olam, to repair the world
Is our eternal mission still.

So choose to walk a holy path
As you explore your lifetime goal,
Embrace Torah, passion and learning
As you unveil your Jewish soul.

Today I thank God deeply
For his divine blessings from above,
For my daughter’s special friendship
And her unconditional love.

March 8, 2003

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