A Mother's Tribute

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A spiritual bond of love connects
A child and a mother,
To learn her values and compassion
Is a tribute like no other.

From the moment of our first breath
She starts teaching us right from wrong,
For the rest of life she instills in us
The confidence to know that we belong.

No one else quite believes in us
In such a blind and passionate way,
Whose trust and endless sacrifice
Continue each and every day.

When we dare to stray beyond the truth
She confronts us to our face,
Always teaching life’s true purpose
With such dignity and grace.

Yet one day it must happen
That her time on earth does end.
As her spirit soars unto the heavens,
We cry we’ve lost our closest friend.

Already she has taught us
The depths of love and eternal hope.
Our souls ache with hollow emptiness
As we search for strength from whence to cope.

While you struggle with your loneliness
Only time can mend your broken heart,
While remembering her compassion
A new stage of life must start.

As you search for life’s new meaning
Reflect upon her spirit high above,
Feel her strength grow within your loneliness,
Filling your empty soul with all her love.

For on the day your mother died
Though a part of you died too,
Remember, your lifetime is a tribute
To her lessons and to you.

December 18, 1994

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