Best of Friends Forever

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Our lives are drawn together
By a guiding force above,
Even angels’ voices quiver
At such passion and such love.

For so powerful is our attraction
Like a caged eagle once set free,
Soaring far beyond the horizon
Our souls have met their destiny.

As each day unveils new happiness
My heart beckons, “Can this love be true?”
I have waited my whole lifetime
To meet a soulmate just like you.

With your beauty, strength and honesty
We’ve created heaven here on earth,
Exploring the depths of love and friendship
I’ve been searching for since birth.

My heart aches when I’m without you
But a moment or a day,
I need your love to shine inside me
For my soul to see its way.

I’ve grown desperate for your gentle touch
Whether together or apart,
Each day I wake to feel the tenderness
Of your pure and perfect heart.

So every day I say I love you
I’m filled with passion and a tear.
I cry with longing when I’m without you,
I cry with joy when you are near.

Our lives are blessed with awesome love
Whose bonds are one and cannot sever.
One of Life’s truths I know for certain
We are best of friends forever!

June 16, 1994

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