Brother Jack

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We’ve shared our lives together
From childhood till now.
Though competing through adolescence
We’ve grown closer still somehow.

But for you it’s been a struggle
To build the confidence you need
As the footsteps you’ve been following
Are different than the ones you lead.

Older and much wiser now
You’ve learned to travel your own way
As life demands of each of us
Quite different dues to pay.

Though struggling with adversity
Makes finding happiness much tougher,
Without such a loving family
The road would be so much rougher.

Though your outside has been hardened
By the void disappointment grows,
Inside you’ve built a heart of gold
Just impossible to know.

For to share within your friendship
Means no boundaries have your giving
As you would gladly sacrifice your safety
To insure that I keep living.

Though words could never capture
All the feelings that we hold,
Within our hearts we understand
The depth of love untold.

When confronted with your loneliness
And search for the inner peace you lack,
Remember, it’s forever
That I love you, Brother Jack!

January 10, 1981

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