Building Strength in Happiness

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How often do I ask myself
Of why He did choose me
To live out all the happiness
He ever meant to be.

For all my life’s been lucky,
Things always happen for the best.
I merely search for inner peace
And He takes care of all the rest.

But sometimes I do lose the path
Such happiness does bring
When struck by Cupid’s arrow
My heart swells from the mortal sting.

No longer alone with my own destiny
An outside force is brought within,
Only by learning how to sacrifice
Do I discover places I’ve not been.

Because when I am alone in love
Though contentment does exist,
Without attraction to another soul
So much of love is missed.

Like sharing joys of laughter
That a fresh new heart may bring,
Or finding out the little things
That make my spirit sing.

Or learning of the tenderness
Only a woman can uncover,
To grow happiness within my friendship
Requires much more than just a lover.

I need to find another soul
Who knows the pleasures found in giving
And who appreciates the specialness
To share love every day we’re living.

But even when I meet with love
Whose treasures I desperately yearn to keep,
By remaining within my own happiness
Will my path never climb too steep.

For just the nature of love’s mystery
Means sharing all the good times with the bad
And many secrets of happiness
Come from lessons learned while sad.

So while love’s passion shall soon strike me
A willing target I remain,
For now I’m building strength in happiness
To withstand the days that love brings pain.

July 13, 1980

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