Eternal Friendship

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As we stand beneath the chupah
Forever endlessly in love,
I give thanks to God Almighty
Who guides our fate from high above.

In you I’ve found my perfect twin
To share all my hopes and dreams.
With your strength and sensitivity,
We make the perfect team.

We are so very fortunate
To have been raised in such loving homes,
Teaching respect, care and honesty
You’ve captured deep within your poems.

Ever since our paths engaged
My heart aches to join as one.
I need to spend my life with you
Till all our days are done.

Only by teaching our children to understand
Shabbat, tzedakah, and shalom,
We’ll weave the threads of our heritage
To build our Jewish home.

But today our lives begin anew,
Just you and me alone
Entering the bonds of eternal friendship,
The strongest happiness ever known.

For you are who I’ve dreamt about
To share my family and life.
With all my love, I answer, Dear,
Yes, I will forever be your wife.

December 8, 1984

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