Eternal Happiness

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Our lifetimes pass so swiftly
In the search for what is real,
It often takes another’s heart
To know what we can feel.

And though love’s bond with friendship
Is the strongest ever known,
It’s inner peace and happiness
We must discover on our own.

For love that brings us happiness
Blinds with strength knowing we are sure,
But what if we awake one day
And that love remains no more?

Our soul will fill with loneliness
And emptiness abound,
We will have lost our happiness
Until another love is found.

But a happiness with one’s own true self,
Not an easy bond to make,
Allows our heart to pour out love
Without the need to take.

And then if we be blessed with love
Found only “wished upon a star,”
Do we first begin our journey
In search of who we really are.

So if we find everlasting love,
The one fate has meant to be,
Together, we will inspire Him
To set our spirits free.

But if it’s just another love
To teach us how to care,
We each will have our own happiness
And inner peace still left to share.

February 14, 1979

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