Everlasting Friendship

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From somewhere high above the heavens
A stray arrow pierced my heart,
Shattering the stillness of my peaceful soul
And exposing naked emotions from the start.

With a hunger, lust and passion
I had never felt so deep,
Our bodies ached to join together
When apart our souls would weep.

It appeared without a warning
So sudden and so strong,
With the fire of pure emotion.
To whom did my heart belong?

Your eyes sparkled with desire,
Your kisses wet and hot and sweet,
Your touch, your smile, your everything,
Sparked my passion so complete.

But I have already made commitments
That are sacred and run deep,
While your soul searches on its journey
You have your own destiny you must keep.

For our friendship to last forever
Will take wisdom, luck and caring.
I know your loyalty is unending
With no boundaries to your sharing.

But if you can learn to love yourself
The way that you love me,
Your soul will find an inner peace
And a best friend for eternity.

July 27, 1982

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