Falling Off a Rainbow

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Love is such a potent force
To build our lives around,
It climbs the highest rainbow
Then knocks us to the ground.

For nowhere is it written
That the laws of love are fair,
Injecting hearts with ecstasy
Then draining with despair.

Though living without loving
May seem such a shallow place,
Living after loving ends
Is the deepest hurt to face.

When tenderness and laughter
That sets true love apart
Deflates to sudden loneliness
Of an empty, aching heart.

The time has come to search our souls
And seek happiness from within,
To provide the strength to stand alone
Until a new love does begin.

So while empty and still wanting,
Love remains life’s greatest pleasure,
Unveiling depths of happiness
We never learn to measure.

And as the evening sky grows dark
Without love’s gentle care,
Remember, it must always storm
For a rainbow to appear!

June 21, 1981

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