From a Family of Love

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From beauty showering the horizon
Where mountains burst into the sky
To the depths of love’s emotion
I often question why.

Why should I be so fortunate
To lead a life of love?
Living each day searching inward
For my guiding force above.

For harbored deep beneath my soul
Await journeys only I foresee.
Exploring each new journey
Reveals greater depths that I love me.

Concealed within my inner peace
Life’s true meaning I may know.
Only by sharing love’s awareness
Does happiness learn to grow.

I’ve been blessed with a special family
Whose love grows only from its giving,
Providing me the strength and confidence
To share love every day I’m living.

And when my heart searches outside
Completely naked may it roam,
For if lonely and rejected
I know that love awaits at home.

Each day now I love to live
And live to love as well,
Knowing someday soon within my heart
An even greater love will swell.

Though it’s hard for me to imagine
A greater happiness in life,
I know it will keep growing
Until the day I take a wife.

And then our lives begin again,
A new universe to explore.
Two souls sewn together in love and trust
Surpass all happiness before.

But for my present time and space
I share my love in poems,
Forever grateful to my family
Where love has found so many homes.

April 4, 1980

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