Graduating Love

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I feel a special gratitude
That life has made us friends.
To share respect and admiration
Provides a love that has no end.

Words will never recognize
That our friendship has no peer.
Within our hearts we understand
The depth of love we share.

You mean so much more than cousin,
And more than brother, too.
For the special gift of caring
Glows from deep inside of you.

As you brighten up the spirits
Of all the lives you touch each day,
You radiate a warmth and joy
In your own very special way.

Though the miles keep us separate
The years continue to draw us near.
Your love and inspiration
Touch me deep and dear.

As you stand up proud today
And touch love and life in part,
Just listen to me applauding
From deep within your heart.

May 25, 1980

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