Half a Soul

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Our love is etched in detail
Inside my broken heart.
Exploring life and happiness,
I thought we’d never part.

We transcended to a universe
That few have ever known.
While your spirit searches heaven now,
I’m left here all alone.

I know that God creates us
To fulfill a purpose while on earth,
To give ourselves to others
From the instant of our birth.

He decides our destiny
Of when our life will end,
Yet he forgot to brace me for the loneliness
Of losing my best friend.

I’m left with only half a soul,
I know not where to turn.
Though loved ones try to comfort me
The pain and hurt still burn.

You were the very reason
I woke up to greet the day,
Whenever lost or lonely
You would always point the way.

I know not how I will make it
Without you at my side,
My grief is so unbearable,
I want to run away and hide.

Somehow I will search my soul
To find the strength within,
To pick up all the pieces
For my new life to begin.

But know that every waking moment
You’re with me in a special way.
Your touch and loving memories
Will never fade away.

February 12, 1989

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