Happiness in Love

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I feel a fire burning
Deep within my soul,
I give it no direction
For it has no final goal.

It makes me tingle, feel alive,
It’s wonderful to care.
Matters not if I am all alone
Or two as in a pair.

My emotions are reflections of
Who I am and where I’ve been.
It teaches me life’s purpose is
To love, not who will win.

This flame that glows comes from within
A place I know not where,
A special, cozy, inner peace,
A confidence to share.

Naked are my emotions,
No shelter, I am bare.
But that’s the only meeting place
Two hearts can honestly share.

I have my faults, and you have yours,
We’re only human too
I ask not for forgiveness
I am me and you are you.

Respect for our differences
Will keep our fires strong
Though we may think we’re always right,
Sometimes we know we’re wrong.

No matter where life leads us,
Our flames we must keep burning.
To find the strength we possess inside
Requires never ending learning.

I wish for you, like all mankind,
A happiness abound,
An inner peace, a gratitude
For loved ones still around.

While some search for life’s true meaning
In the stars that lie above,
I turn my own eyes inward,
And find happiness in love.

February 12, 1978

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