Joie de Vivre

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Your eyes sparkle with a magnificence
As none I’ve ever known,
They radiate a warmth and joy
A beauty all their own.

Yet deep within the caverns
From whence these eyes do peer,
There lies a gentle, little girl
Whose voice I think I hear.

Silently she cries out for a man
And the strength he can provide,
To light the spark, make a woman glow
From her own specialness inside.

Somehow I have found the match
That sets my own fire burning.
Through trust and love and inner peace
Life’s happiness I am learning.

Together with my candle
And the experiences I’ve been through,
I wish to shine a guiding light
On a peace that’s right for you.

Still, you alone must search your soul
To find the love you bear within.
I can merely wait and hope
And point where you might begin.

If fate should come to bless us,
Exchange trust and love as well,
No boundaries have our friendship
Only passing time will tell.

But if by chance our lives fail to mix
And find the time to share,
Already you have fueled my flame
And made me more aware.

December 6, 1978

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