Just You and Me

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The precious days are numbered
That we share this life alone,
For soon our seed of love will sprout
A new life of its own.

And though we feel so ready
For our first child to appear,
Oh, how I’ve loved the silence
With quiet romance in the air.

But ever since the day we met
Eternal love has blessed my soul.
To express my love and inner peace
Has become a lifetime goal.

Though I’ve tried by writing poetry
And whispered tenderly, “I care,”
My words can only long to touch
The depths of love we share.

For words will never satisfy
Emotions of the heart,
Nor ease the pain or soothe the ache
Of time we spend apart.

Children and the love they bring
Provide a new universe to explore,
Where souls find true expression
Like love has never known before.

Though I promise to keep writing
Of all the joys children may bring,
Remember, you are the special one
Who always makes my spirit sing.

So let’s treasure quiet moments now
We share together while still free,
And paint everlasting memories
Of the days “JUST YOU AND ME.”

August 31, 1986

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