Let Me Be Your Angel

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As life unfolds before me
I never feel alone,
I’m surrounded by a spirit
Whose face I’ve never known.
It reaches deep inside me
Beyond the heavens high above.
It shines a guiding light on me
That showers me with love.

I’m not sure when I first noticed,
Like a friend from lifetimes past.
I feel a warmth and peacefulness
Eternal love destined to last.
She is my special angel
Teaching me right from wrong.
I lean upon her gentle shoulder
When I need faith to keep me strong.

It must be hard to be my angel,
Omnipresent and knowing all,
Whispering words of encouragement
Then allowing me to fall.
Already she has taught me
How to listen and to care.
Overflowing with love and passion,
I need another soul to share.

I sensed a rare and sacred bond
The instant our hearts met.
We share a spiritual connection,
The deepest I’ve felt yet.
I feel your loving presence
Each moment of every day.
I will shine a guiding light on you
In peace and health you’ll stay.

Though we have two separate bodies,
We share one eternal soul.
Your inner peace and happiness
Have become my lifetime goal.
Regardless where life leads you,
Even loneliness and despair,
Cry out unto your angel,
My loving touch is always there.

So will you let me be your angel
To share your journey throughout life?
I will celebrate your victories,
And comfort you through strife.
For I am your blessed angel,
Though I may disappear for a while.
Just think of me, I’ll be hiding
Within the happiness of your smile.

March 11, 2007

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