Love for a Daughter

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My life is blessed with many loves
That fuel my soul to grow,
But there’s something special about a daughter’s smile
That stirs my emotions deep below.

Her eyes sparkle with a beauty
That truly takes my breath away
When I look into those big brown eyes
Her soul begs my heart to stay.

For her time has no finite boundaries
A lifetime will never be enough
To share the joys and happy mitzvahs
As well as tears when times get tough.

Though my journey’s had peaks and valleys
Teaching new lessons all the time,
How I want her to see from my mountain tops
And hear stories of my climb.

We will always walk and talk together,
Hand in hand we’ll take our strolls,
Exploring life’s road to happiness,
Reaching each our separate goals.

For the essence of humanity
Is raising children happy and carefree.
I know I’ll find no greater love
Than for my daughter, sweet Charly.

March 11, 1990

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