Loving Memories

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Life is such an awesome mystery
Beyond all depths we comprehend,
From the origins of our beginnings
To the reasons it must end.

We can only watch in reverence
At the miracle of birth.
Though we pray for life eternal,
Time is predestined here on earth.

For no one knows the special secret
How certain people reach old age.
Blessed with years of joyful memories,
Their love is impossible to gauge.

While others much less fortunate
Must die well before their prime,
No matter how we live our lives
We must all face death when it’s our time.

But the cruelest hurt in living
Is when a baby has to die,
So helpless, young and innocent.
“Take me instead!” we cry.

Though the reasons are not evident
Why God chose such a beautiful, young life,
While your child’s soul is resting peacefully
You must handle all the strife.

Yet no matter what the circumstance
No one can ever take the blame,
For fate is God’s will in action
Where the outcome will always be the same.

So let go of all those mournful feelings
That you lost your child at the start,
For his soul and loving memories
Still live deep within your heart.

August 18, 1988

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