My Darling Bat Mitzvah Girl

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Today is your Bat Mitzvah,
My darling little girl.
Your life has been a blessing
More precious than a diamond or a pearl.

From the instant that I saw your face
At the moment of your birth,
I thanked God above the heavens
For sending us an angel here on earth.

Your soul is pure and caring,
You are kind to everyone you meet.
You adore every living animal
You even stop and coo right on the street!

You are happy and quite funny,
Just a pure joy to be around.
Your carefree laugh is so infectious,
The most positive child ever found.

While smart, creative and solution-oriented
No challenge is ever beyond your reach,
Quite self sufficient and so capable
Your strong sense of self no one can teach.

Today you start your Jewish adulthood.
Remember to always act with dignity and grace.
Tikkun Olam is all of our responsibilities,
To make the world a better place.

You are a kind and gentle leader
Like many of your forefathers in the past.
As an adult in the Jewish community
Learn to give back something that will last.

I hope you find a burning passion
That has Jewish learning as its seed,
One you can share with the entire community
That fills a burning, desperate need.

Life is but a journey
Of souls searching to connect.
Through love, trust and compassion
Your life will have a powerful effect.

Be true to all your values,
Live life as a courteous, observant Jew.
Your family is always here to support you
And remember how much “I love you!”

March 4, 2006

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