My Newborn Son

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Today is your Bris, my newborn son.
The miracle of life has only begun.
Though the Mohel may cut outer flesh and take skin,
Happiness in life resides deep within.

Already you’re blessed with my very first goal:
A healthy body, sound mind, and a pure, peaceful soul.
As destiny beckons you to come forth and share,
Challenge yourself to be as great as you dare.

For I’ll always be there with a supporting hand.
When you stumble and fall, I’ll help you to stand.
My father taught me to be successful in life
By confronting adversity and conquering strife.

But the ultimate person you grow up to be
Depends on your choices and not upon me.
So when it’s your turn to stand on your own
Remember I love you, you’re never alone.

As you travel life’s journey and search high above,
Turn your eyes inward and express all your love.
You are a leader, compassionate and strong.
Trust your own instincts and you will never go wrong.
When you don’t worry what others believe
No limits exist to what you may achieve.

If you select building castles of wealth
Remember your loved ones, your morals, your health.
If inner peace is your ultimate goal,
Its secret is waiting within your own soul.

Whatever you choose I’ll be there to share,
To love and to cherish, to show that I care.
I’ll always provide you a wise guiding hand
Like Moses, who led our people to the promised land.

Life is the journey to whom you will be.
Only you are the author to your own destiny.
Today, I thank God, his greatest miracle well done,
For health and Shalom for my dear newborn son.

March 13, 1987

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