My Perfect Twin

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If I could dream my perfect twin
To share life’s destiny,
Her warmth and sensitivity
Would set my spirit free.

She’d be strong and confident
With a peaceful soul to share,
Embodied with fiery compassion
Expressing love and trust and care.

Love without expression
Is like a flower before the bloom,
A caterpillar not yet a butterfly,
A child still inside the womb.

Though feeling love is wonderful,
The greatest pleasure known while living,
Life’s greatest lesson ever learned
Is the gift of love is giving.

Yet love is not a lesson
To be taught within a poem,
But rather deep emotions
Best learned within a giving home.

Growing up with loving parents
One learns lessons we can’t teach,
That love has endless boundaries
With depths only giving love can reach.

Children love to imitate
What parents mostly show.
When raised with constant love and praise,
It’s confidence we learn to grow.

I won’t need to teach my twin
The secret of love and happiness,
Already she will know the path
Of giving love will lead to bliss.

While others search the universe
To make their spirits whole,
I turn my own eyes inward
And explore new depths of my own soul.

For I no longer need to find
“My perfect twin” in life.
I found that special lady
The day you said you’d be my wife.

July 10, 1989

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