My Son and Me

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Before dawn has even broken
To wipe daylight from her eyes,
Our bedroom door creaks open
As my son beckons me to rise.

Though my body aches for one more moment
To rest my weary bones,
I hear a quiet serenade.
“Eyes open daddy” his voice moans.

As I lie in bed pretending
I’ve not awakened from my sleep,
His persistence knows no boundaries
Only it’s playtime I must keep.

For early morning is our private time
We talk and eat and play,
Rejoicing life’s most precious gift
To share love and health each day.

So as he pulls off all my covers
Excitement dances on his face
While my wife grins a loving smile
She rolls over in my place.

Then suddenly he leaps into my arms,
His favorite place to be.
My heart bursts with pride and endless love
Knowing his soul is really part of me.

Though exhausted and quite early
There’s no place else I’d rather be.
I’ll never trade those precious moments
Together, just my Son and Me.

October 17, 1989

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