Proposal of Love

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While life consumes our mortal souls
First spank till final death,
Our spirits search for happiness
Beyond our final breath.

Already our days are numbered
That we walk upon this earth
But forever has no boundaries,
Just a beginning we call birth.

While exploring life’s true meaning
Our hearts fell helplessly in love,
Like two feathers floating freely
With His guiding force above.

But once our separate paths engaged
The outcome left no doubt,
We’ve only just begun to learn
What eternal love’s about.

Deep beneath the solitude
Our inner peace reveal,
Lie depths of endless happiness
Two hearts in love can feel.

And never have I met someone
Whose soul’s so pure and sweet,
Through laughter, trust and tenderness
You fulfill my needs complete.

My heart aches when I’m without you
But a moment or a day,
I need to live my life with you
In love and health, I pray.

You are who I’ve dreamt about
To share my family and life,
With all my love, I ask you, Dear,
Will you forever be my wife?

June 16, 1984

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