Reunion Romance

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The evening echoed memories
Reunions often bring.
My heart rejoiced with happiness,
Old friendships learned to sing.

When late at night it happened
Our hearts burst upon first glance
And scattered seeds of happiness
Throughout the garden of romance.

Sudden energies uplifted us,
We soared high into the clouds.
Her words, like music to my ears,
Sang far above the crowds.

Somehow we had captured
The spark that draws two spirits near.
I sensed a strength of happiness
Whose source I wished to share.

With beauty, warmth, and wisdom
Her sparkling eyes caressed my soul,
Arousing dormant energy
To make my spirit whole.

For I, in turn, possess within
New depths of love untold,
Where secrets to my happiness
In life and love unfold.

Only passing time will tell
What fate might have in store,
If merely bonds of friendship
Or a depth to share much more.

For already she has shown me
Consideration grows within her heart,
The only seed of energy
My friendship needs to start.

December 23, 1982

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