Right There

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We caught something very special
A love that can’t compare
To the feelings I’ve experienced
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Your beauty, wit and goodness
Are something very rare,
But that’s only a small part of what
Makes us a special pair.

It would be great to travel
Life’s rugged path as two,
Always together sharing
With someone as nice as you.

But there still remain too many
Of life’s lessons left unlearned,
So we must journey onward,
Take the risk we might get burned.

It’s hard to understand inside
That though we still do care,
Our paths cannot exactly match
And sometimes they will veer.

It’s only for a short time now,
To make us more aware
Of what we each possess inside,
To know what we can share.

To hurdle this strange distance
Which we can’t deny is there
Is to strengthen our bond together
To a point which cannot tear.

Yet if we’ve reached a place too deep
Which puts us beyond repair,
I will look at what we’ve gained, not lost,
And fight to hold back the tears.

I have no easy answers
To what we must face here,
I only have my love for you
And my deepest prayer.

Let us be strong and confident,
Give our best shot if we dare.
I know that if we get the chance
We’ll find ourselves “right there.”

February 11, 1978

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