Tapestry of Life

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Life is a multicolored tapestry
We weave through heartaches and rejoices.
It vibrates from the fabric of our morals
While reflecting the wisdom of our choices.

Though most of us spend our lifetimes
Chasing love, our ultimate goal,
The path to inner peace and happiness
Is revealed by learning to grow our soul.

For each love in life is a precious thread
With new lessons we must share
Colored with lasting memories
That teach love’s greatest gift,
Learning how to care.

But another’s love is not the path
We must explore to find life’s purpose.
When looking to others for our answers
We only find their questions on the surface.

We must search within our own hearts
To love the only soul we see.
Acceptance of who we are today
Is the first step to becoming who we want to be.

Because life is all about our attitudes
And the point of view we choose to take,
Accepting the things we cannot change
While taking responsibility for choices that we make.

For once we love our own soul
As much as the one we desperately hope to find,
We build the inner strength and confidence
That leaves empty loneliness behind.

November 13, 1998

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