Teenage Love

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When I was young and quite naïve
In what love would later bring,
I met a rare and special friend
Who made my spirit sing.

At first our hearts were distant
Many friends lay in between
But passing time and shared experiences
Cast a light few had ever seen.

Though her eyes were so inviting
Was not her beauty that drew me near,
But rather a quiet confidence
We both knew we would share.

So daily we grew closer
Sharing tears and laughs and hurts,
Until one day it happened
Into love our friendship burst.

Each minute held new meaning
As so quickly each day passed,
For soon I’d leave for college
Somehow we knew it couldn’t last.

Living for the moment
We tasted what love and life’s about,
Touching deep within another’s heart
Was our lesson there’s no doubt.

And as our love did slowly fade away
Our friendship still remained.
Instead of losing a treasured lover,
An even closer friend I gained.

Her smile, warmth and loving touch
Were carried everywhere I went,
I never lost the memory
Of those fun-filled days we spent.

Now as months stretch into years
And to each our separate ways,
My thoughts do wander back to her
And where now her spirit lays.

June 11, 1979

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