The Bubble of Ecstasy

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We met as friends from college days
Though strangers we really be,
Yet we somehow touched upon the spark
That set our spirits free.

Enormous energies surrounded us
Whose source we know not where,
Discovering the “bubble of ecstasy”
Often sought, but found so rare.

We spent the night together
Only our bodies kept us apart.
My heart was light, your mouth so warm
We felt it was just the start.

Though for two weeks hence we parted
Your touch completely filled my soul.
While business occupied my mind
Your heart remained my only goal.

I packed my bags to journey
To a niche that you call home,
To touch and hold and cuddle up
And let our spirits roam.

My ride was filled with visions
Where my heart always wished to be.
It made me feel alive again,
So glad that I am me.

And when I saw your face again
You snuggled close beneath my chin.
I felt our bubble stretch itself
To places I had never been.

All night our bubble soared in leaps and bounds
Quite a reckless pace to grow.
We gave no thoughts to what might later be
Or that maybe we should slow.

Then suddenly it happened
Our bubble burst into thin air.
All the energy surrounding us
Just seemed to disappear.

Though filled with disappointment
There was a lesson to be learned:
Through patience and understanding
Love requires more concern.

And though our bubble vanished
As quickly as it first appeared,
It’s better to have loved and lost
Than never to have cared.

August 7, 1979

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