The Butterfly of Love

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The path of love is like the beauty of a butterfly
Traveling in effortless motion
At a pace that blurs its hidden beauty.
Only upon discovering just the right time and place
Will she carefully settle down.

Then, if finding complete trust,
She slowly spreads her wings
To reveal such awesome beauty
That even nature’s fiery colors
Can only thirst to quench.

Envisioning such beauty, we dream of depths
That only time and nature can provide.
Then, without reason and always too soon,
She lifts up and flutters away,
Leaving in her place a sadness
For the empty space she left behind.

But in truth,
She leaves behind beauty
Which lies deep within our hearts,
And only escapes through the window
Allowing us to see within our souls.

So next time you engage
The stillness of love’s butterfly,
Cup your heart a little more gently
And behold the beauty
Of each passing moment.

June 7, 1980

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