The Passion of Your Presence

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I looked up and in an instant
My body shuddered with a jolt,
A breathless, tingling energy
Pierced through me like a lightning bolt.

My heart pounded with desire
At your beauty so intense,
But it wasn’t till our eyes first kissed
I felt the passion of your presence.

A stranger just a moment past,
Future soulmates almost certain
Your smile burst into my wildest dreams,
My heart danced while yours kept flirtin’.

Where did this magic come from?
Who sent you, for how long?
Were our paths in life predestined
To write lyrics for a new love song?

Then for just an instant
I panicked, did you too feel this glow?
But just as swiftly did I realize
A flower needs the sun to grow.

Tasting sweeter than the first spring day
Time stood still, but no longer whole.
As I reached out to touch my empty heart
Your smile soothed my aching soul.

December 18, 1992

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