The Spark of Specialness

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We met upon an island
Beneath the sun and near the sea.
The vacation seemed like paradise,
Everything so heavenly.

I had filled six lovely days
One more till my journey home
And you arrived the night before,
A full week left to roam.

Yet somehow in our passing streams
A spark caught and filled the air,
Excitement burst, affection flowed,
I just had to hold you near.

When far from home and time is short
Who questions what is real,
We danced until the sunrise
Everything seemed so surreal.

For sometimes on vacation
A new lover one may meet,
But when returning to reality
The fruit doesn’t taste as sweet.

So down to Brooklyn Heights I drove
To touch the truth, I had to know
If our seedling harbored all the energy
A young flower needs to grow.

Two weeks faded images
Of how you did appear,
Yet I sensed a flow of energy
As our outstretched hands came near.

The precious hours flew by
Filled with wine and idle chatter.
We even strolled the promenade,
Sharing time was all that mattered.

As our conversation rambled on,
I knew things had changed, they always do,
Yet deep beneath a new environment
I was still me and you were you.

Any doubts I had envisioned
Disappeared as night turned into day.
Our closeness kept on growing.
When I left, I wished to stay.

January 9, 1979

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