Through Memories of Love

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Love is such a pretty place
With flowers everywhere,
Through open arms and warm embrace
We show how much we care.

By merely sharing presence
Love grows within the space,
Outside my heart, within my touch,
A very special place.

Feelings journey deeper
Than words could ever know.
They tap a source of strength within
Impossible to show.

For deep within my friendship
Grows the strength that love can bring,
To share a joy and happiness
That makes my spirit sing.

Yet when comes the time to separate
It’s the memories of love
That feed my soul, and burst my heart
To places far above.

For though love’s greatest pleasure
Is the ability to share,
To measure my own happiness
Demands no one else be there.

Once alone within my soul
There is no place to hide,
Where love and happiness learn to co-exist
They travel side by side.

Though I treasure all the moments
We’ve shared together, and alone,
Words fail to resonate the magnitude
My feelings since have grown.

As I continue on life’s journey
Love grows within my space,
And deep within my own happiness
Your love holds such a special place.

October 28, 1979

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