Two Hearts Just Holding Hands

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My heart hungers for the moment
When we can once again embrace,
To feel the passion of your presence,
Taste the beauty of your grace.

You touch the core of my true essence
Awakening emotions I’ve never known,
Creating a path of love and happiness
To a new universe all our own.

Where our spirits soar like eagles
To explore the origins from whence we came,
I feel like I’ve been born again
Life will never be the same.

Together we will search the stars
To learn the true purpose of why we’re here.
My journey has found a perfect soulmate
With whom to love and laugh and care.

Having tasted the sweet nectar
Of two bodies sharing the same soul,
Each breath bursts with new excitement
Your happiness has become my only goal.

As you caress my naked soul,
Learn to share and touch and listen,
Only through laughter, trust and tenderness
May we grow our happiness from within.

Though we have just begun our journey
Love gives no guarantees.
While we may think we are its masters
We only serve as long as love may please.

While we are blessed to share a sacred bond
Our journey will never be quite done.
My soul cries out to lie beside you,
My heart aches to be as one.

Wherever love may lead us,
I know we’re meant to share its plans.
Remember, we will always be connected
Like two hearts just holding hands.

April 19, 2001

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