Unconditional Love

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My life is blessed with so much love,
Good fortune shines everywhere I turn.
My soul aches to search the universe.
I still have so much more to learn.

Yet each day I wake to face the challenge
Of how to divide my time and attention.
Without nurturing my own need for solitude
My inner peace fills with stress and tension.

But I have found a secret resting place
To visit whenever life gets tough,
That unwinds my mind and soothes my soul
Where love’s passion never grows enough.

I merely dream of the special family
I am blessed with here on earth,
My soul mate wife and loving kids,
Especially the miracle of each daughter’s birth.

Filled with tears of awe and gratitude
I hold her new life oh so near.
With a heart and soul so perfect,
She radiates complete trust without a fear.

For to her love has no boundaries
Only endless depth to share
Not asking for commitment,
Rather just another soul to care.

As she grows from birth through teenage years
At times we’ll disagree what is best.
With our bonds of love and friendship
We will mend each and every test.

Only through the lessons of her lifetime
Will she weave a character all her own,
Demanding respect and independence
From the fabric of values already sewn.

Yet as I gaze into her sparkling eyes
That just melt my heart away,
My soul bursts with pride and happiness
To share such nachas here today.

Already she has taught me
To pause and thank the Lord above
For the blessing of Birth’s greatest gift:
A daughter’s unconditional love.

May 1, 1993

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