Worlds Apart in Love

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The moment that a daughter is born
Our world is such a different place.
Filled with giggles, pink and big warm hugs,
Love bursts through the smile upon her face.

From late night playful escapades
When she wakes just to cuddle in our lap
To that proud and tearful graduation day
When she winks and tips her hat,

Her glorious spirit travels inside of us
Every moment of every day.
There never seems to be enough time
Just to hug and love and play.

For all through life she trusts us
To give her strength if she should fall.
While exploring life’s lessons of experience
She knows we’re there if she should call.

Then one day it happens
A parent’s worst fear that changes all of life.
From a happy, busy family
To empty grief and mournful strife.

Somehow in this senseless world
A daughter’s life suddenly is ended,
Leaving a stream of crying broken hearts.
No amount of time will ever mend it.

For though her body is no longer with us
Her words keep speaking in our head.
No longer is she life’s student
But rather our teacher now instead.

All life’s precious lessons
And love we’ve shared throughout the years
Can be felt within our broken heart
And seen through all our crying tears.

Although the pain is absolutely unbearable
Her love is the only strength to get us through.
Just as we can feel her presence still with us
We know that she still feels our love flowing too.

Though we will miss her more than life itself
Her spirit now soars with God above.
We know our souls are still connected

March 30, 1996

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